Sage magazine – Soul Traveller Radio & Noisetrade – The Unsigned Project

“Ayten – Listening to Mother Earth by conscious French artist, Ayten is like having a cinematic experience for your ears, mixing english lyrics with otherworldly sounds. The album cover is a symbolic image of how opening up to the Divine is like shedding your skin and becoming a new person. We have featured Rainbow on our sampler album however lovers of Deya Dova, Bjork and Sigur Ros, don’t go past this album.”
Soul Traveller Radio & Noisetrade – The Unsigned Project Sampler Volume 1

Edito “EDGAR” Magazine (October-November 2013)

“Farscape 7” floods our ears with pads of white noises which go and come in movements of percussions a bit military-cosmic. The very ethereal voice of Ayten is simply surrounding. Her orgasmic songs pave the way to a wonderful lunar melody which makes sing its prismic stars. The debit is fragile. Sometimes interrupted, it restarts with an ambient rhythm a little heavier. The percussions beat it with good strikings while the pads of cracklings sparkle even more in our ears and while the songs of Ayten is coupling to a seraphic choir.
Sylvain Lupari – ASURA: Radio-Universe (2014)

“The down-tempo style rises upon “Farscape 7”, where female singer Ayten contributes as well. This beat-driven character marks the remainder of the album, although Asura’s distinctive new age/world music flavors still shine though from time to time.”
Bert Strolenberg – ASURA Radio Universe CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2014

“« Talk a little about your collaboration with Ayten on El Hai.. ASURA : It was a virtual meeting at first, cause we met via Myspace. I send here some drones and she sang (divinely) on it. So we decided to make a track together, and it gave “El Hai”, which means “Living God” in hebrew. And it won‟t be the last time. She has a heavenly voice, polymorphic I would say, and i am eager to collaborate on several other tracks, and maybe to released an album with her in the future.” headphonecommute: interview”
Two and a Half Questions with Asura/Featuring Ayten