Through the portrait of a female singer, songwriter, pianist, performer, producer “Krishan” – Indie Record Label, Ayten is a researcher of oneiric sounds and onomatopoeias. She develops an interpretation and a teaching, by researches and inspirations of her first loves and trainings : classical music, symphony orchestra, world music and polyphonic, sacred chants, movie scores. She revisits sacred chants, polyphonic, western classical operatic, oriental music and middle east repertoire. Her album, various collaborations for the cinema and with many artists, have encountered international success.
“The mysterious, universal and polymorphous voice of the Occident.”
She became the messenger of peace, light of Sacred Music and songs of ecstasy, between peoples and this is, perhaps, because she believes :
“Singing is a unique opportunity to spread a scent of peace, love and eternity in this ocean of silence.”
– Ayten

Frederic Bezies Webblog
“Mother Earth of Ayten : Another excellent example of Heavenly Voices.”

Jude Bauman
“You have to listen to the voice of Ayten only once, so that it remains in your memory forever. Our first collaboration was on my film « In- Sect » in 2006.”

“She has a heavenly voice, polymorphic i would say, and i am eager to collaborate on several other tracks and maybe to released an album with her in the future.”